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Friday, October 15, 2021 8:00-10:15 AM PDT 2 CE

The Effective Use of Hypnosis in Schizophrenia: Structure and Strategy

Young Don Pyun, MD, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Many schizophrenia patients seek hypnosis when they have not improved with psychopharmacological therapy. However, there has been controversy regarding the use and effectiveness of hypnosis in schizophrenia. Hypnotherapeutic methods such as direct and indirect suggestions, psycho-strengthening suggestions and imagery, hypnoprojective restructuring, guidance, and neutralization of affect associated with delusions have been effective in selected highly hypnotizable patients. Details of the hypnotherapeutic structure and strategy used for managing delusions in schizophrenia are presented with representative cases.

Learning Objectives:  Describe several ways that hypnosis may help treatment resistant Schizophrenia in selected cases.  List three detailed hypnosis methods.  Describe factors impacting the combined use of antipsychotic medications.

Bibliography: o Use of hypnosis in the treatment of pain. Lee JS, Pyun YD. Korean J Pain. 2012 Apr. 25(2):75-80. o Creating past-life identity in hypnotic regression. Pyun YD. Int. J. Clin. Exp. Hyp. 2015; 63(3):365-72. o The effective use of hypnosis in schizophrenia: structure and strategy. Pyun YD. Int. J. Clin. Exp. Hyp. 2013; 61(4):388-400.

조현병에 효과적인 최면치료 방법. 2021. 10. 16 토 0 시 - 02:15 AM. 변영돈, 대한민국. 서울

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