Telephone Hypnosis Using ARS

Abstract from 14th International Congress of Hypnosis, San Diego, California, USA from June 21 to 27, 1997.

Telephone Hypnosis using ARS(Audio Response System) via public telephone line was begun in Seoul, Korea from May 26, 1996. Brief hypnotherapy on anxiety(Test Anxiety), phobia, insomnia, hypertension, headache, indigestion, cancer and smoking was installed in hard disk of personal computer with questionnaire tests about hypnotizability, test anxiety and mental status. Initial 12 lines were increased to 24 lines and there were more than a thousand calls per a day during the first several days of the service.
The contents of the telephone hypnosis and experience during the first year of the service will be discussed.

Structure of Telephone Hypnosis
1st call- general information about hypnosis and about this program.(15 min)
- receive Registration Number

Main Program - entry with R. N.
Press 1 - Tests(Hypnotisability; Mental Status; Test Anxiety)
Press 2 - Hypnotic Inductions and muscle relaxation exercise
Press 3 - Treatment Items
Press 4 - Self-Hypnosis Exercise

Hypnotic Inductions used
Arm Levitation
Progressive Relaxation
Rapid Progressive Relaxation
Tense and Release
all 6 methods are divided into student & adult

Composition of Agoraphobia
After tests of hypnotizability and mental status have been done, a user can enter treatment session
*Assessment by the user
Press button before start the treatment session
R1 : No Improvement
R2 : 20 - 30 % of Improvement
R3 : 50 % of Improvement
R4 : 70 - 80 % of Improvement
R5 : 100 % of Improvement

*Overall Assessment of Effectiveness of Prerecorded Telephone Hypnotherapy
Effective - Student - Test Anxiety
Effective - Adult - Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Insomnia, Smoking
*Complaints from users - How to use this system - difficult for the older people.
*Side Effects Reported - None

Conclusion: Short term step by step telephone hypnotherapy is possible with the use of Personal Computer with ARS(Audio Responding System) via a public telephone line. Test Anxiety, Anxiety, Insomnia, Agoraphobia and Smoking showed improvement.
Thank You !
Young Don Pyun, MD, ABMH
Seoul, Korea

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